Kyungbok University

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Challenge 21

“ Chang of University Environment and Challenging KBU”

Category Description
Improvement of
Education Courses
- Flexible course that reflect the requirements of our industrialized society
- Continual improvement of our faculty's resources in effort to increase our educational efficiency.
- Joint development of educational materials and opening of special lectures for certificate courses.
- Preparation of customized education programs
- Preparation of educational programs that are customized for the work force.
- Diverse club activities that cater to the interests of a variety of students.
- Increasing the number of internship and project classes offered.
- Development of programs that utilize multiple semester systems.
- Development of educational programs that increase our students' success on national standardized exams.
Category Description
Cooperation System
- Consolidating of partnerships with internship sites
- Hosting Industrial Cooperation Committee seminars on a regular basis
- Participating in research and technology with companies in the local community
- Collaboration on joint projects with industrial organizations
- Frequently hosting professional seminars for the surrounding communities
- Maintaining our technical partnerships with established industrial organizations
- Establishing a board of directors that focuses on developing new
- departments and the further development of our existing departments
Category Description
Employment and
Intensified Training
- Encouraging our graduates to participate in the graduation career exhibition
- Promoting of an entrepreneurial support center
- Developing departmental alumni associations
- Developing an industrial research partnership with external professors
- Establishing a tracking system for graduates from each major
- Helping students find companies that are compatible with their abilities
- Maintaining a field-work committee for each major
- Offering apprentice and internship programs
- Increasing the number of programs that offer national certification
- Making sure that our students haver the abilities that employers need and are looking for
Expansion of Materials and Facilities
Category Description
Expansion of
and Facilities
- Operating a campus where educational and the social atmosphere are symbiotic.
- Being involved in the local communities
- Expansion of our high-tech facilities to prepare our students to be leaders in the industry
- Organization of a portal campus that allows for a more convenient education
- Using the latest software that will prepare our students for their working environment
- Using the best training material

    Establishing the best specialized college

  • Helping our students become aware of their own personality strengths and intelligence
  • A progressive college focused on the development of knowledgeable professionals
  • A leader that prepares our students for success, both domestically and internationally
  • A college that makes students realize what they want to study