Kyungbok University

Introduction - Where the youth resides, Where the dreams come true


'Cultivating cerified men of talent to be accepted around the globe' - This is the very vision of Kyungbok University

Visitors to Kyungbok University! I welcome all of you along with 20,000 alumni of Kyungbok University.

In order to realize the Kyungbok spirit of creation and service, the foundation is based upon the practical attitude of strenuous endeavor and upon the four traditional ideologies of Korea which are: Loyalty to the Motherland, Filial Piety of the Parents, Virtue in Behavior and Respect for Others. In addition to these ideologies, we have the motto of rendering benefit to all human beings. With the sense of duty toward globalization, Kyungbok University is young and its potential has been steadily developing with the educational goals of growing sincere and integral Koreans, of enabling them to exert creativity based upon rational thinking, of molding their character with sincerity, industriousness, and cooperation, and of training intermediate-level technicians.

Ever thirsty for the cultivation of able manpower for future innovation, Kyungbok University is not satisfied with what was done in the past and does not spare incessant endeavor to be equipped with competitiveness along with creativity and challenge in an age of “endless competition.” In order to make the vision a reality, the vision of cultivating certified men of talent to be accepted around the globe, Kyungbok University has built two campuses in the City of Pocheon and the City of Namyangju where cutting-edge classrooms, a language laboratory and an e-learning system have been in use, let alone students’ amenities such as free shuttle buses and a variety of welfare facilities. Furthermore, for the career success of the students, Kyungbok University has been in a close cooperation with many institutions such as 9 districts of Seoul, 5 public corporations and about 2,000 companies.

One thing not to be omitted is the free intensive English program in Singapore, which has the concrete purpose of educating manpower to be accepted around the world. This program is one of many that Kyungbok University has undertaken to train talented manpower.

Kyungbok University will not stop developing into an international institution which retains enough flexibility to accept social changes and create something new from them. With the basis of “Social Responsibility Management”, Kyungbok University will be developing into a specialized university and tries to attain the two aims: seeking supremacy in education and eliciting social value in order to meet the requirement of an ever-changing age and to become the very leader of the society.

Like a seahawk trying to challenge high waves and steep cliffs and then flying over them, Kyungbok University will do its best to make future dreams come true and to become a prestigious university through hard work.

Thank you.

Signature - President Ji-Yong Chun, ED.D.