On Campus

Pocheon Campus

Food Square

Personality education campus for Kyungbok runs two cafeterias. Jasmine serves a variety of menus, including noodles and snacks. Clover is only for dormitory dwellers. Staff can use the staff compartment of Clover cafeteria.

  • Jasmine

    Seats  393
    Location  Shinuikwan Building, Pocheon Campus
    Menu  A variety of meals including noodles, laver rolls and fries etc.
    Hours  10:30~18:00

  • Clover

    Seats  72
    Location  Dormitory, Pocheon Campus
    Hours  Breakfast 08:00~09:00 l dinner 17:30~19:30
      Any student can use

Fitness Center

Personality education campus for Kyungbok has a fitness center in the dormitory. It holds about 132 square meters for the students to use to stay fit. Mainly used by nursing and dental hygiene students preparing for national qualification examination, this center runs a person-to-person instruction once a week.

Location  ground floor, Jiwoonkwan Building

  • One-stop service center

    Academic Support Bureau and Student Support Bureau are stationed together on the same floor for a better service for students.

    Location  ground floor, Woodangkwan Building
    Hours  weekday 09:00~18:00

  • E-lounge

    Free use of computer is available for students. 40 computers and 3 printers are installed.

    Location  ground floor, Jiwoonkwan Building /Hours: 09:00~20:50

  • Ground

    Outdoor basketball court, Korean version of football court and futsal court, all with illumination, are for the students to work out.

    Location  beside Sunduk Gymnasium / Hours: 09:30~19:00

  • Cafeteria

    Coffee and beverages are served along with cookies and bread.

    Location  ground floor, Jiwoonkwan Building

Auditorium (Woodang Hall, Sea Hawk Hall)

450-seat Woodang Hall for a big event and Sea Hawk Hall is for exhibition and reception.

Location  5th floor, Woodangkwan Building


    Outdoor lawn ground for communication with a fine view.

    Location  beside KBU symbol tower

  • Tennis court

    3 courts with artificial lawn for the use of students and staff

    Location  back hill of Shinuikwan Building
    Hours  09:30~19:00

  • Sunduk Gymnasium

    3 story gymnasium with a basement for a variety of athletic and club activities

    Location  in front of main gate
    Hours  10:00~20:00


    A fantastic resting place with a lot of chairs between Sunduk gymnasium and Woodangkwan Building

    Location  across the KBU symbol tower