College of Arts and Design

Department of Practical Music

Goal: A nest of harmony of love and impression

A place where the harmony of love and emotion comes alive
Talented professors with both theory and practice are teaching students to demonstrate their abilities and abilities in various fields. In particular, the performance-oriented department not only gives training on concerts of various genres through freshman performances and regular performances, but also performances for the culturally underprivileged in various regions in Korea, such as the Hi Seoul Festival, Sejong Center for the Performing Arts concert, and overseas K-POP camps in Japan and Thailand. In addition to promoting Korean music, we are actively performing in various music fields.

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Department of Performing Arts

Goal: Educating musical talent leading creative performing art

Cultivating musical experts who lead creative culture and arts
Based on the systematic education of faculty members who are active in the field, we focus on producing key talents in the musical-related industry centered on acting, singing, and dancing. We believe that through our program, students will be able to improve these skills. We cultivate specialists who will lead the 21st century cultural contents and are working on improving our program to meet the standards.
In addition, our department produces performing artists recognized in the field by producing and performing performance-oriented practical education through musical creative work, including licensed musicals and in theaters dedicated to the department.

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Department of Architectural Space Design

Goal: Educating creator in four-dimensional architecture and interior designer

Four-dimensional architectural space creator, the birthplace of building and interior designers.
The Department of Spatial Design fosters experts in digital expression of architectural spaces with computer design skills that can be widely used in design fields including not only architecture and interior design, but also urban landscape and landscape design. Architectural and interior designers with creativity and integration skills is also widely used. Our special department of architecture and interior design guarantes employment in various design offices and design institutes through participation in various national-scale student competitions and exhibitions after completing a practical design curriculum.

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Department of Visual Design

Goal: Educating practical visual designer leading new media age

Fostering practical visual designers who lead the new media era
The Department of Visual Design at Kyungbok University nurtures active and creative professional designers in all fields of visual design, including posters, advertisements, computer graphics, package design, editorial design, web design, and character design for the purpose of delivering visual messages. It aims to cultivate students to develop planning abilities in the field of visual design, including editorial design and advertising design, to learn the process of generating and developing creative ideas, and to gain the overall ability to adapt to practical work using computer graphic tools.

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Department of Beauty Cosmetics

Goal: Educating global beauty manager leading beauty trend

Fostering global beauty managers who lead beauty trends
The Department of Beauty Cosmetics is a department that trains counseling experts and management operation experts on beauty in aesthetic shops, dermatology departments, makeup studios, hair salons, cosmetic shops, dermatology and plastic surgery departments. With expert education on satisfaction, service theory, image making, beauty marketing, and beauty management, students can be reborn as a convergence beauty manager required by the 21st century. Students who have high interests in the beauty inudstry and want to achieve their dreams of becoming a top beauty expert are encouraged to enter our beauty cosmetics department and become a professional beauty manager.

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Department of YAKSON Aesthetic

Goal: Global leader in aesthetics

Orthopedics and skincare  department
Global leader in aesthetics with 100% job guarantee
As we keep up with the well-being trend of the 21st century, this major trains we believe that estheticians are responsible for the inner health and outer beauty of modern people. We systematically study Eastern and Western beauty theories and practical techniques such as health beauty therapy, Swedish massage, meridians, spa, aromatherapy, and beauty instrumentation from the world famous Orthopedics family. Upon graduation, students will gain practival skills that will alow them to automatically acquire a national beautician license and an intermediate health and beauty therapy certificate from the famous Orthopedics family. Our program can students the necessary skills tp fullfill their dreams of becoming a true professional esthetician.

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Department of Juno Hair Design

Goal: Taking pride in one of the world's 10 largest hair stylist brands

Cultivating JUNO-DREAM TEAM to lead the world trend
As Korea’s biggest hair brand and selected as one of the world's top 10 hair brands, Juno Hair ensures a 100% job guarantee after graduation.

This is a major that trains specialists to create hair styles that play the most important role in forming impressions in a modern society where appearance is socially competitive. Based on the scientific and systematic academy curriculum of Juno Hair, the largest beauty company in Korea, we study according to global trends. In the second semester of your sophomore year, you will develop your practical skills through an internship at the Juno Hair branch. Upon graduation, you will be able to achieve your dream of becoming a truly professional hair stylist by obtaining a national hairdresser's license and a Level 1 and Level 2 diploma from Juno Academy.

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