College of IT and Environment

Department of Software Convergence

Goal: Planning and training of software developers based on smart sensor High tech fusion

Software Convergence Major (Coding Major, Cyber ​​Security Major, Cloud Service Major, Data Analysis Major)
Cultivating information processing information security experts who lead the AI ​​big data era
Acquiring various core technologies in the AI/big data/IoT/information security fields, which are the main fields of the 4th industrial revolution, Cultivating convergence-type talents that can be creatively applied in practice
- Operation of training courses to acquire information processing industry engineer course evaluation type certification
- Operation of training courses to acquire information security industry technician qualification evaluation type certification
- Training to acquire Google IT Certificate certification
- Operation of Creative IT Center for core technology project practice of the 4th industrial revolution
- Organized a curriculum that allows students to obtain a bachelor’s degree through the 3+1 (3 years of major, 1 year of intensive major) course

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Department of Civil & Environment using Drone

Goal: Educating environment-friendly construction experts who create harmonious civilization and environment

Cultivating experts in the construction environment who harmoniously create civilization and the environment
In the drone construction environment, instrcuture within the country's social overhead capital (SOC), includes roads, railroads, bridges, tunnels, subways, airports, ports, rivers, dams, reservoirs, coasts, water and sewage systems. Sewage Construction environment, and design can be harmoniously applied to the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of facilities for the public welfare, such as treatment, plants, marine, new towns and industrial complexes along with geospatial information, environmental facilities, and future space bases. It aims to the efficient training to skilled construction environment technicians.

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Department of Eco-Friendly Architecture

Goal: Upbringing eco-friendly architects leading the age of green growth

In the green building sector, the demand for manpower for this sector is expected to increase in accordance with the government's low-carbon green growth policy, which is one of the new growth engines of the 21st century. The continuous investment and dissemination of eco-friendly buildings (Green Home, Green Building) also plays a role in this sector. The department was established to nurture eco-friendly architectural experts required by the industry by combining education in the eco-friendly field with the construction field. The main educational contents of this course include basic education in the construction field required by the overall construction industry. Moreover, education required to acquire qualifications include: IT-related education for job sites such as architecture and construction, education on eco-friendly construction, equipment, and certification in the eco-friendly field.

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