School of High tech fusion

Goal: Educating environment-friendly construction experts who create harmonious civilization and environment

Dept. of Construction Environment Design aims to educate construction environment technician who can apply construction, environment and design to planning, designing, constructing and maintaining of the facilities for public service such as road, railroad, bridge, tunnel, subway, airport, seaport, dam, reservoir, sewage plant, new town and space base.

2-year associate degree &
4-year bachelor degree courses Go to Department

Goal: Upbringing eco-friendly architects leading the age of green growth

With the sustained investment of the government in green home and green building, the demand for the expert of that area will be increasing. To meet such trend, Dept. of Green Architecture has been founded.
The curriculum includes basic architecture, green architecture,
facilities and IT-applied education required of the industry and that required to acquire qualification.

Education goal

-Green architect for the future equipped with the basics of architecture
- Green architect with the ability and qualification required of the industry
-Architect equipped with interdisciplinary and comprehensive understanding of architect
-Customized education for the medium-size company and discharged soldiers


- Practice-oriented teaching of faculty with much experience in the industry
- Network with the industry(over 80% career ensure)
- 100% qualification acquisition(over 30% of engineer and 0% of MOS and CAD)
- Bachelor degree and head engineer license through in-depth course

3-year associate degree course Go to Department

Goal: Planning and training of software developers based on smart sensor High tech fusion

- Planning/Developing Internet Products for Things Using Open Hardware/Software and Sensors
- Learning to build big data from sensors and implement artificial intelligence algorithms
- Project-oriented Smart IT Creative Centers for Convergence
- 100% job-linked training with smart system planning/development companies
- Prepare a curriculum that can earn a bachelor's degree through a 3+1 (previously 3 years, 1 year in major) course

3-year associate degree course Go to Department