College of Service Platform

Department of Service Management

Goal: Educating on-line market experts equipped with business orientation and IT knowledge

The Department of Distribution Management and the Department of Tax Accounting were integrated into the Department of AI Service Management (AI Distribution & Economics Major, Fintech Accounting Major).
Fostering future industry experts through convergence education in AI-based service management field
Department leading the artificial intelligence and platform industry of the 4th industrial revolution
‘AI Distribution Major’ leading the retail platform industry and ‘Fintech Accounting Major’ leading the fintech industry in the digital financial era
Class=Practice, Data Business Convergence Center
LINC+ industry-academic cooperation with 4 companies (LF Fashion, LG Electronics High Plaza, SYS Electronics Land, C.T.O Communication) to establish Retail Platform 4.0 and Big Data LAB, a practice space identical to that of the field

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Department of Hotel Tourism

Goal: Educating hoteliers putting global service into practice

Fostering global hotel and tourism experts who will lead the future hospitality industry
Cultivating creative tourism experts with professional knowledge and practical capabilities
In order to cultivate creative tourism experts with international sensibility, it is essential to develop the personality with basic knowledge required in the industry, to equip local learning through the manager of a luxury hotel’ with a focus on practical subjects, a state-of-the-art language room, and a food and beverage practice room. student lounge)'.
Specialized management of major students and awards
During the semester, it hosts specialized programs to nurture experts through regular special lectures on majors and guidance on club activities, as well as corporate briefing sessions for CJ CheilJedang and Walkerhill Hotel. Students who have underwent our porgram has received various awards, such as the Gold/Silver Award in the cocktail category at the 2017 World Food Expo.

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Department of Aviation Service

Goal: Upbringing flight attendant with global manner and service mind

Cultivating flight crew members with global manners and the best service mind
We are realizing field-oriented education through systematic theory and practice with the goal of cultivating excellent human resources in the aviation service field with international sensibility, manners, and foreign language skills to meet the global age.
In order to nurture aviation service professionals who have the right personality and are needed by society, we provide the best aviation model lab, image making room, language lab that allows our students to have a competitive edge through a curriculum linked with faculty and industry-university partners. We are nurturing aviation service personnel equipped with passion and on-site training.
With the goal of nurturing the dream of advancing to the world stage and providing an environment in which strives to achieve the dream, we aim to actively provide our students all essential educational courses and open education that fosters genuine talents required by a society with the right personality and service mind

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