School of Public Human Resource Development

Welfare Administration

Goal: Educating welfare experts for the realization of welfare society of the 21st century.

- Educating social manpower to contribute to the development of the community.
- Nurturing creative problem tackler.
- Bringing up field-oriented experts.
- Growing intellectuals to accept social demand.
Social welfare organization, civil servant for social welfare, Level 7 and 9 civil servant, Government investment organization, Public corporation, Banks, Companies in general, Research center, Opinion poll research organization

2-year associate degree &
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Early Childhood Education

Goal: Upbringing children's teachers equipped with teaching ability and desirable personality

With the aim in mind of nurturing able and creative children’s teachers helping children develop physical, emotional, social, linguistic and cognizant ability, Dept. of Early Childhood Education runs a curriculum which makes it possible to nurture teachers equipped with the thorough sense of education and love for children as well as theoretical background of childhood education.
- Education for a deep understanding of children’s personality development
- Practice-oriented teaching for the development of children’s ability
- Strengthening teacher qualification and personality
- Field-oriented curriculum and practicum
- Kindergarten teacher, nursery teacher
- Teaching program coordinator of counselling or childhood education institute

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Child Counseling

Goal: The nurturing of teachers responsible for a happy future society.

Children's counseling and child counseling education graduates are building their teaching careers as children teachers at prestigious workplaces and public daycare centers with the highest annual salary. In addition, after graduating from the major-mediation process (scheduled), he earned a bachelor's degree and then went to graduate schools related to psychological counseling and child care (education).

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