School of Medical & Health Care

Goal: Upbringing specialized physical therapists geared to practical surroundings

One of the expert medical areas, physical therapy finds problems through physical therapy diagnosis and evaluation of the damage and disability of the body coming from a variety of diseases(musculoskeletal, nervous, cardiovascular system diseases, geriatric and pediatric diseases), industrial accident, traffic accident and sports-related accident.
Then, it prevents disable state through tackling them through physical mediation (heating, cooling, light and electricity and ultrasonic devices).
Finally, through teaching how to treat for the rehabilitation and improvement of the quality of life through physical, psychological and social functions and through clinical practice, it contributes to the development of national health.
Physical Therapy educates such experts as have above-mentioned qualities and serve the community.

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Goal: Educating experts for the realization of welfare society

- Educating field-oriented occupational therapist to meet the needs of ever-changing health care market
- Developing technique and practical ability needed at clinical surroundings
- Increasing students’ quality and work skills
- Increasing knowledge through in-depth course full of theory and practice
- Educating experts capable of evaluation, treatment and preventive activity of occupational function
- Active manpower contributing to community development

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Goal: Multi-specialist in the areas of medical care, health, and aesthetics

First-ever 3-year course in the country, Dept. of Medical Aesthetics brings up multi-specialist who can deal with aesthetic, health care and promotion and marketing areas through teaching knowledge and technique required of the medical aesthetics field.
It can solve the lack of experts in the fast changing medical aesthetics market.
On graduation, students can acquire such qualifications and licenses as hairdresser, hospital coordinator, tricologist, bodyline controller as well as another qualification through extra curriculum

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Goal: Educating specialized medical welfare manpower capable of dealing with health care and social welfare

Dept. of Medical Welfare aims to educate experts who can fulfil the needs of the patients in terms of medical treatment, health care and welfare service. We bring up such experts as has the sense of duty along with medical expertise and welfare-oriented mind.
Thanks to the comprehensive curriculum centered on practicum for educating practical experts, this major rears internationally accepted experts with personality and ability. Students can easily be adapted to the medical welfare field.
Upon graduation, level 2 social welfare license, hospital coordinator, care taker and BLS Provider can be acquired as well as another qualification through extra curriculum.

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Goal: Nurturing world’s best clinical pathologist

A mixture of medical science and life science, Biomedical Laboratory Science aims at an effective examination for the purpose of diagnosis and prevention of all diseases through the use of cutting-edge equipment and basic theory.
This major nurtures health and medical experts who can carry out creative and future-oriented research and development of 21st century

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