College of Health Sciences

Department of Physical Therapy

Goal: Upbringing specialized physical therapists geared to practical surroundings

Training professional physical therapists tailored to the field and creators of people's health and happiness
The Department of Physical Therapy is a specialized field of medicine and covers various diseases (musculoskeletal system, nervous system, cardiovascular disease, geriatric and pediatric diseases), various industrial accidents, injuries caused by traffic accidents, sports accidents, and physical dysfunction. The department educates students on treatment methods to find problems through medical treatment, solve problems through physical (hot, cold, water, photoelectric, ultrasound, etc.) interventions, and improve quality of life while helping physical, psychological and social recovery and rehabilitation. We train physical therapists who contribute to promoting health for happy people and serve the local community based on practical skills through clinical practice.

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Department of Occupational Therapy

Goal: Educating experts for the realization of welfare society

Talent Cultivation Goals Cultivating experts in the realization of a welfare society
- Educate on-site customized occupational therapists to meet the needs of the changing health care market
- Cultivation of skills and practical skills required in clinical field
- Development of students' qualifications and promotion of job skills
- Enhance understanding of major knowledge through an in-depth course in theory and practice
- Nurturing professional manpower capable of evaluation, treatment, management, and preventive activities related to functional work
- Cultivating leading talents who contribute to the development of the local community

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Department of Medical Cosmetology

Goal: Multi-specialist in the areas of medical care, health, and aesthetics

The Department of Medical Beauty is the first three-year health-related department in Korea. Students will comprehensively understand more about service coordinators, aesthetic-related fields, medical health fields, and public relations marketing fields required in the field. Additionally, students will be able to receive knowledge and know more techniques required in the field to cover all fields. This is a department that trains responsible 'multi-specialists'.

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Department of Medical Welfare

Goal: Educating specialized medical welfare manpower capable of dealing with health care and social welfare

The Department of Medical Welfare at Kyungbok University not only acquires the necessary welfare mindset and knowledge in various welfare fields, but also multi-satisfies the medical part, service and welfare that patients want when they are put into the field with professional medical knowledge along with a sense of duty. Our mission is to train experts who can provide synergy in various fields.
We have a curriculum for training practical experts along with an integrated practice system, and we are also expanding opportunities to train students with international competitiveness. Through the curriculum, students will be equipped with the character and competencies to immediately work as professionals in the field.
After graduation, they can acquire qualifications such as social worker level 2, hospital coordinator, nursing assistant, BLS Provider, and other qualifications required in the medical and health field through a separate course other than the department's class.

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Biomedical Laboratory Science

Goal: Nurturing world’s best clinical pathologist

Clinical pathology is a scientific study that combines medicine and life science. Clinical pathology has a theoretical education system and a practice system using advanced equipment to efficiently perform clinical tests for the diagnosis and prevention of all diseases required by modern medicine. Our department strives to discover human-centered talent, creative talent, future-oriented talent, top practical expert talent, and social responsibility practice talent by improving the expertise and practical skills of health and life sciences.

Department Selective Integrated Modularization Program:
In order to foster creative and convergent practical talents suitable for the 4th industrial era, we have created a curriculum that guarantees the acquisition of customized major qualifications at the practical module education-based open practice center.

The department's curriculum is organized as a practice-oriented creative and convergent practical talent training curriculum by setting goals for talent development, operating curriculum linking related certificates, selecting professional qualifications through professional career counseling. We strive to cultivate talented people with top practical experts and social responsibility practice.

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