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In-depth Bachelor Course of KBU

Nowadays, many 4-year universities whose original goal used to be academic research adopt career success as the goal of their education. The classification of educational institutes based on the study period has faced a problem. In order to solve this dilemma, the system of tertiary education has come to take twofold core objectives of academic research and career path.
Reflecting the situation universities have found themselves in, bachelor-degree conferring in-depth course has been introduced in order to educate professional manpower required of the industry in question and to render any associate degree holders a chance to further their study after graduation from 2 to 3-year college.
Bachelor-degree conferring in-depth course of Kyungbok University has an aim of educating quality professionals through tertiary education; whoever completes this course will be conferred a bachelor degree from Kyungbok University.

Bachelor degree acquisition procedure

  • Admission to bachelor degree
    conferring course

  • Completion of in-depth course

    - Senior course (1 year)

    - Junior and senior course (2 years)

  • Acquisition of bachelor degree

    (qualified for further study at graduate school)

Characteristics of Kyungbok University

- Admission possible without any transfer test. (Under evaluation is university GPA, academic ability and competency)
- Acquisition of bachelor degree possible with the completion of senior(or junior and senior) course.(qualified for further study at graduate school)
- Acquisition of expertise required in the industry field through field-related curriculum made available from the cooperation with industry
- Evening class available for adult students
- Networking with those who work at the same or similar industry

Benefits for Kyungbok University Associate Degree Holders

- Admission fee exempted plus 30 % off tuition fee every semester
- Scholarships available
- Qualified for national scholarship and tuition fee loan available
- Dormitory(Pocheon Campus only)
- Free shuttle bus