About KBU

Namyangju Campus

Name of Bldg. Department Major Facility Subsidiary Facility
A Woodang gwan Bldg. Dept. of Early Childhood Education
Dept. of Green Architecture
Dept. of Space Design
university headquarters
HRD Center
Media Support Office
International Conference Room
B Sunduck gwan Bldg.

Dept. of International
-Tourism Management
Dept. of Hotel Tourism
Dept. of e-business
Dept. of Medical Aesthetics
Dept. of Medical Welfare
Dept. of Airline Service

Dept. of Distribution
Dept. of IT Security
Dept. of Yakson Myungga
Dept. of Juno Hair Design
Dept. of Intelligent Robot

Jeonmunin Hall
Changjoin Hall
Seagyein Hall
Jisungin Hall
Refresh Lounge
BookStore,Stationery, Copy Shop
C Changjo gwan Bldg.

Dept. of Tax Accounting
Dept. of Social Welfare
Dept. of Industrial Design
Dept. of Welfare

Dept. of Visual Design
Dept. of Construction
Environment Design

Comprehensive Administration Center
Care Worker Education Center
Design laboratory
Open Computer Center
Open Reading Room
D Moonhwa gwan Bldg. Dept. of Practical Music(Vocal)
Dept. of Nursery Education
Dept. of Musical
Idle Nurse Reemplyment Support Center Woodang Art Hall
Grand Hall
Art Hall
KBU Language Education Center
E Choonghyo gwan Bldg. Start-up Support Center
College of Lifelong Education
Prototype Studio
Shooting Studio
F Gym
G School Yard & Parking lot
H Dormitory Dormitory
I Jisung gwan Bldg. Dept. of Nursing