About KBU

now - 2016

History of Kyungbok University

2021 In 2020, the university disclosed that the employment rate was 80.2%. For the fourth consecutive year, the employment rate of colleges in the Seoul metropolitan area is the highest (among universities with more than 2,000 graduates).
Selected as the 2021 University Basic Competency Diagnosis "General Financial Support University"
2020 Achieved the highest grade "excellent" in the 2019 College Job Center (Small) annual performance evaluation.
Selected from The Ministry of SMEs and Startups as a university-linked SME manpower training project operating institution (7 consecutive years)
2019 Established the "drone education center" to foster talent in the 4th industrial revolution.
AI interview for freshmen for the first time in the country.
2018 Approved nursing education certification (5 years)
Selected as MOE 2018 Basic Competency Diagnosis "Autonomous Improvement University"
Opened a Korean language course for international students.
2017 Establishment of the Ministry of International Education.
2016 Selected as a career experience certification institution for educational donation by the Ministry of Education
Selected as the new development institution for NCS learning module