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2007 - 2003

History of Kyungbok University

2007 09 Appellation change: Dept. of Music → Dept. of Music and Performing Art
07 Free Overseas Intensive English Course Scholarship
240 students dispatched to MDIS in Singapore
03 16th Admission Ceremony (2,078 recruits at Pocheon Campus, 453 recruits at Namyangju Campus)
02 14th Commencement Ceremony (1,486 graduates at Pocheon Campus, 321 graduates at Namyangju Campus)
01 Dr. Josong Lee Sworn as 5th President
2006 03 Namyangju Campus Opens : Dept. of Tax and Accounting, Dept. of Welfare Administration, Dept. of Music, and Dept. of Practical Music)
15th Admission Ceremony(423 recruits at Namyangju Campus)
15th Admission Ceremony(2,069 recruits at Pocheon Campus)
02 13th Commencement Ceremony(1,803 graduates)
2005 10 16 majors(4,677 students enrolled)
Appellation change : Dept. of Computer Application → Dept. of Computer Information Dept. of Tourism
→ Dept. of Tourism(Tourism and Aviation Major/Hotel Tourism Major) Dept. of Music → Dept. of Music(Music Major/Practical Music Major)
09 Byeonggi Hwang Sworn as 4th President
03 14th Admission Ceremony (2,457 recruits)
02 12th Commencement Ceremony (1,959 graduates)
2004 10 New major opens: Dept. of Care and Education for Young Children
03 13th Admission Ceremony (2,657 recruits)
02 11th Commencement Ceremony (1,853 graduates)
2003 11 Construction of Namyangju Campus Begins
08 Appellation change: Dept. of Administration → Dept. of Welfare Administration
03 12th Admission Ceremony (2,789 recruits)
02 10th Commencement Ceremony (2,209 graduates)