About KBU

Cultivaing certified men of talent to be accepted around the globe

This is the very vision of kyungbok University.

Visitors to Kyungbok University! I welcome all of you along with 20,000 alumni of Kyungbok University.

Foundation Philosophy

Kyungbok University was founded in March 1992 in order to realize the Kyungbok spirit of creation and service. The foundation is based upon the practical attitude of strenuous endeavor and upon the four traditional ideologies of Korea which are: Loyalty to the Motherland, Filial Piety of the Parents, Virtue in Behavior and Respect for Others. In addition to these ideologies, we have the motto of rendering benefit to all human beings.

Education Goals

With the purpose of realizing the foundation philosophy, Kyungbok University, with autonomy and responsibility to the school motto, has been second to none in trying to attain the education goals as follows.

For these education goals to be attained, Kyungbok-specific educational links the educations of foreign language, computer, collaboration with industry, character and globalization. Through that course of education, Kyungbok University will be able to develop advanced manpower to lead the 21st century.

Currently, Kyungbok University runs two campuses, one in Pocheon with specialization in nursing and health care and the other in Namyangju, concentrating upon the collaboration with industry.

In order to meet the demand of the community, the country, and the age, Kyungbok University students will develop their potential with willpower and passion in the two specified campuses. I strongly believe that this manpower of the future will be the very heroes and heroines to lead the country as well as the whole world in this globalized age.

Upon admittance to Kyungbok University, you are given a chance to establish your dream and the purpose of your life. With strenuousness and endeavor, you should not be unable to realize your dream of becoming an advanced expert in your major area, let alone that of Kyungbok University.